A loved one's birthday, or toasting years of togetherness as a couple, or simply Halloween, cakes are the best way to celebrate. Above are pictures of actual cakes I've created.


If you think they are fun and would like a cake or two,

Place an order now ...!

Hi, I'm Belinda Mendes,

a passionate home-based Baker with over 10 years of designing, baking, and embellishing cakes & confectionery for family, friends, and a wide circle of acquaintances.


A hobby inspired from watching Cake Off on a local TLC channel, evolved into an exciting journey. Baking initially for family & friends with trial and errors, I resolved to upskill through classes by professional home-bakers. In 2013, I landed a couple of orders which encouraged me further and I enrolled into NSIA, one of the largest and most successful cooking schools in Auckland, New Zealand where I completed a 2 years cookery and patisserie diploma course. I then worked for a year gaining experience at Scratch Bakers Auckland and moved back to India in 2017.

My clients confirm that my forte lies in custom made celebration cakes, cupcakes, theme cakes. If you can dream it, I will attempt to create it. As a person I consider myself as creative & aspire to construct visually appealing and awe-inspiring displays.


So, if you have sweet cravings and great cake ideas, reach out and let’s see what we can do together...

We are proud to be FSSAI registered.




  • Vanilla - ₹ 50

  • Chocolate - ₹ 55

  • Flavours - ₹ 65 onwards


  • Vanilla - ₹ 60

  • Chocolate - ₹ 65

  • Flavours - ₹ 75 onwards


  • Vanilla - ₹ 80

  • Chocolate - ₹ 85

  • Flavours - ₹ 100 onwards

Flavours options - Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Vanilla, Oreo, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Rasmalai, Chocolate Oreo.
Additional charges apply for themed and customised fondant toppers.


Vanilla Base Cakes (Min. 1 kg)

  • Seasonal Vanilla Mango

    ₹ 1800

  • Vanilla Sponge Cake with Whipped Cream Filling

    ₹ 1300

  • Vanilla + Oreo

    ₹ 1450

  • Vanilla Choco Chips with Choco Whipped Cream + Choco Chips

    ₹ 1500

  • Vanilla Cake with Almond and Cashew Praline with Salted Caramel

    ₹ 1600

  • Vanilla with Ready Fruit Compote - Strawberry/ Raspberry/ Cherry/ Blueberry

    ₹ 1550

  • Vanilla and Chocolate Whipped Cream Cake (4 Layers)

    ₹ 1550

  • Vanilla and Biscoff

    ₹ 1600

  • Vanilla Cake with Nutella + Ferrero Filling

    ₹ 1650

  • Exotic Fresh Fruit Cake

    ₹ 1750

Chocolate Base Cakes (Min. 1kg)

  • We use 45-55% real dark chocolate

  • Chocolate Cherry Truffle Cake

    ₹ 1750

  • Chocolate Sponge with Whipped Cream

    ₹ 1450

  • Choco Chips Whipped Cream Cake

    ₹ 1500

  • Black Forest Whipped Cream Cake

    ₹ 1550

  • Chocolate Oreo Whipped Cream

    ₹ 1550

  • Chocolate Truffle

    ₹ 1600

  • Chocolate Oreo with Truffle/ Ganache Filling

    ₹ 1650

  • Intense Chocolate Orange Whipped Cream

    ₹ 1600

    Truffle/ Ganache ₹ 1750

  • Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Filling & Whipped Cream

    ₹ 1600

    Additional cost for fresh Strawberries. Truffle/ Ganache filling ₹ 1750

  • Chocolate Cake with Nutella, Ferrero Filling & Whipped Cream

    ₹ 1750

  • Chocolate Cake + Nutella+ Ferrero + Truffle/ Ganache

    ₹ 1850

  • Chocolate Cake + Mango (Seasonal)

    ₹ 1900

  • Chocolate Bounty Truffle

    ₹ 1950

Boozy Cakes (Min. 1 kg)

  • Truffle/Ganache cakes at additional cost.

  • Baileys + Chocolate Cake + Whipped Cream

    ₹ 2600

  • Bailey's + Coffee Cake + Whipped Cream

    ₹ 2500

  • Chocolate Orange Cake + Rum + Whipped Cream

    ₹ 2200

  • Pina Colada: Coconut Rum + Pineapple Cake + Whipped Cream

    ₹ 2400

  • Mojito: Lemon Cake + Vodka

    ₹ 2400

  • Drunken Cherries: Chocolate Cake + Cherries + Vodka + Whipped Cream

    ₹ 2500

  • Cheeky Peach (seasonal)

    ₹ 2400

  • Boozy Shots starting from ₹ 180/- onwards (min 12)

Flavours (Min. 1 kg)

  • Chocolate Cake with Cashew, Almond Praline and Salted Caramel

    ₹ 1750

  • Coffee Cake with Whipped Cream

    ₹ 1450

  • Red/ Blue Velvet Cake

    ₹ 1550

  • Tiramisu Cake with Cream Cheese

    ₹ 1550

  • Date and Walnut Sponge Cake with Whipped Cream

    ₹ 1800

  • Rasmalai Cake

    ₹ 1800

  • Chunky Monkey Whipped Cream Cake with Walnuts and Chocolate Chips

    ₹ 1800

  • Rainbow Cake

    ₹ 1750

  • KitKat and Gems Chocolate Whipped Cream Cake

    ₹ 1900


  • The Carnival: 3 Layers of Brownie, Red Velvet and Chocolate Cake

    ₹ 2000

  • Enchanted Forest: 4 Layers of Red Velvet & Chocolate Cake + Strawberry/ Cherry Filling

    ₹ 2000

  • Brew Almighty: 4 Layers of Tiramisu & Chocolate Cake

    ₹ 2000


Cake weight: Min 1 kg.
Extra charges apply for Tier/ Theme/ Fondant cakes, Cakes with Edible toppers/ Non-edible toppers.
Payment: Full amount to be paid to gpay @ 9920296943 for confirm confirmation. 
Delivery: There are no delivery services. Self pick up from Hiranandani Estate, Thane. If needed, transportation charges will apply. 
*We use premium quality products. 
**Chocolate: 45%-55% real dark and milk chocolate
***All our cakes are prepared from scratch, so kindly give 4 to 5 days prior notice.

**Prices are subject to change**

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Delightful sweetness

Belinda has got magic in her hands! She's extremely passionate, meticulous and creative. Whether its a random wish or a special occasion in your life, she manages to bring in the most delightful touch of sweetness to that moment. From the overall design or the teasing flavours inside each slice, you're bound to love it. Ive been ordering from her for many years now and my regular request is the Boozy Chocolate Orange Cake which is always customized with extra everything for my family. But a favourite is "The Carnival" which was put together just for me because I couldnt decide what I liked more - so its got layers of brownie cake with chocolate mousse, red velvet with home-made cream cheese, chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, brownie pieces and a sprinkle of stars!! I could go on with this review but you've got to try it once to fall in love for sure!

Liza Lobo - 02/06/2023

Dream treats

If you wanna treat your tastebuds..look no further

Reshma Patoley - 01/06/2023

Yummy n customized cake


Sugnya - 01/06/2023

Best Baker in Town!

The most decadent and unforgettable flavours have enriched the special occasions of my life thanks to the artistry of Belinda from SweetBels. It is one thing to know your flavours down pat and an entirely different ball game to balance those flavours in the most unimaginably innovative and delicate ways! At SweetBels, the craft meets art in equal measure. I cannot recall a time when the cake/mousse/trifle or the cookie looked anything but gorgeous. What a talent of our times, all packed on this one great human at SweetBels. A lifetime of my loyalty is hereby assigned to this brand and the person that breathes life into it :-)

Ilham - 01/06/2023

Perfect and best home baker in town

I came across Belindas cakes on an occasion and i got so hooked. Her flavours and quality of materials just were so amazing. I especially loved her style of personalising the cakes as well!

Amrita Sequeira - 01/06/2023

Soulful cake by Sweet Bels

I first ordered a birthday cake from Sweetbel’s for my husbands birthday. For a home baker I was surprised how fantastic the cake looked and tasted. Since then my family feels our birthday celebrations are not complete without the cakes baked by Belinda. Her creativity with new flavours and the design of the cake is amazing. They look and taste so yummm. I will always be a loyal customer because Sweet Bels dessert are part of all occasions for us.

Amruta Borlikar - 01/06/2023

Cakes that make memories

I had order the chocolate orange with ganache cake for my FIL birthday. Belinda took down the minutest details down wrt what he loves, his hobbies etc. Which just a few suggestions, what we recieved on the day was way beyond our expectations. And it's not just the looks, the cake was sooo rich with real orange slices. Worth every penny.

Oshin Deshmukh - 01/06/2023